Invited to cooperate in the science and arbitration committee
In order to maximize utilization of the domestic and foreign researchers,hereby all respected and competent researchers who holds a PhD and scientific invited to scientific cooperation with the secretariat of the conference.
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 The awards winners
According to the resolutions of the conference was decided to support the scholars and distinguished participant of the top papers to be honored with awards.
2017-08-05 more

 Registration process,submission,selection and deposit services costs
Please view Registration process at the conference site / process of writing articles based on conference format / process Submission on conference / Essential Tips to write articles / services selection process and the final registration / fee schedule to see more.
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 At the same time receive a summary and full article
Kindly bring honor to inform researchers, to expedite the process of reviewing articles please abstracts and full text articles together in the a file that has been prepared in accordance with Conference Paper Writing Guide users to be sent through the system.
2017-08-03 more

 The possibility of accepting abstracts
According to the researchers great satisfaction respectfully request you, people who can’t afford to send their full paper abstract published in the collection of abstracts and conference proceedings and receive a certificate for participation in the conference. Therefore article belongs to the people who make phone calls with the Executive Secretariat will be judged.
2017-08-02 more

 The possibility of receiving an acceptance certificate and e-books without the physical presence of the conference was provided.
According to the approval of the conference and the measures taken by the executive secretariat of the conference, those participants who may not be physically present on the day of the conference, this Secretariat of the acceptance certificate and present them with the electronic address book that is listed in the register, therefore participants at registration Please complete the relevant information In the their accuracy.
2017-08-01 more

 Acceptance of papers at the conference (research / analysis / Review)
With regard to the resolutions of the conference and the conference scientific committee so decides,in the following articles in the axes conference and to be accepted and will be in the arbitration process:
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 Indexing of accepted papers in Civilica
We inform to researchers,in coordination with knowledge reference site (Civilica) that banks are scientific articles all accepted papers will be indexed to the conference mentioned on the site.
2017-07-27 more

 Started registering in the training workshops
According to the requests of researchers, a number of workshops are listed in the Control Panel. It is mentioned, the participants in the training course certificate will be awarded at the time. To register for the workshops, it is necessary refer to your control panel.
2017-07-26 more

 Academic and professional ethics in the writing articles
Professional ethics and the basic principles of the requirements are send articles. Therefore provide references and references used in some parts of the scientific achievements of other researchers are mandatory implementation obviously,it is the responsibility of writing the article authors and the secretariat of the executive does not have any responsibility in this regard.
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Indigenous Knowledge and sustainable use of nature
-          Indigenous Knowledge and biodiversity conservation
-          Indigenous Knowledge; religions,sects and biodiversity conservation
-          Converging of Indigenous Knowledge and modern sciences for conservation of biodiversity 

 The indigenous knowledge which is the result of datum and experience collection of local folks and societies in successive generations is a valuable body that should be considered for getting to sustainable development.

Recently the perpetual cooperation of indigenous knowledge and modern academic knowledge has been considered by researchers,managers and plan makers of countries,for comprehensive advancement of human beings,as well as food supply,welfare and security.
Nowadays,ecosystem disruption and extinction of the important biological species is one of the main problems of the world. Unfortunately human being is the main agent of such destruction,whereas his life is completely dependent on this unique biosphere.   
To save the earth from such a vast ruin which itself guarantees human’s survive,we’d better make use of academic modern sciences and indigenous knowledge.
The aims of convening international conference on the traditional knowledge for conservation of biodiversity are to attract worldwide attention to such a phenomenon,to collect indigenous data and sciences from different parts of the world,and to study its influence on conservation of biodiversity. These indigenous sciences in cases have protected the important and valuable species,and in some other cases have led to their extinction.
Hereby we request the pleasure of all researchers’ presence and those who are interested to participate in this conference.
We hope by your presence and by presenting the results of the related researches,regarding indigenous science we take a small step forward for protecting biodiversity.
-Sincerely yours,
Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Yaghoobi
Conference chairman
Address : International Center for Science,High
Technology and Environmental Sciences,Kerman,Iran
Telephone : +98 - 0342 - 6228011
Fax: +98 - 0342 - 6228011

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